Dragon Stainlees Steel


CEO's Message

Mazhar Impex and Steel Industries was established in 1960 and Dragon Stainless Steel Pipes Industry was established in 2014 by Basharat Sagheer Butt, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer. Mazhar Impex and Steel Industries has been trading best quality stainless steel for 30 years. Mazhar Impex and Steel Industries as well as Dragon Stainless Steel Pipes Industry are the two names of trust and integrity that operate upon modest verdicts for their staff as well as for their customers.

Both firms are introduced by their root principles that stimulate cooperation, liability, collaboration, unity, admiration, and the welfare of people. Our rules and regulations guide us to interact with our consumers, our workers, our fellows, and our communities in a benevolent manner. We work in harmony for the well-being of our firms and the benefit of our customers. The staff has to follow our labor codes strictly to cultivate a unified atmosphere for each other and show the best of their manners to work peacefully. A peaceful environment gives rise to better theories, hypotheses, and strategies that result in better production. Our employees burn the midnight oil to provide our customers with the best quality product. Our companies yield excellent quality Stainless Steel Tubes that serve in construction, an edifice, and for additional purposes.

We hope our website will convey to you an understanding and gratitude for our people and for the principles we pursue. If you look up to working with us, I guarantee you that you will have a tremendous venture from the beginning to the climax with the best behavior of our people.

Looking forward to working with you. If you need further information about either of our companies please contact us without hesitation. We will make sure to help you out to the best of our abilities.